Ethical fashion and sustainable development

respecting the people and the environment

There is a reason behind all this. These designers can be seen as setting an example to show that it is possible to build a profitable business whilst respecting the people and the environment. In fact, doing business in this way can help a business become more profitable. Each of the designers have different priorities that target issues both here and far away, here's some of the ways that they help:

Workers - Fairer wages mean that their standard of living can improve in order to better enjoy life. Some workers in sweatshops are stuck in a 'working for working cycle' which could be considered just another form of slavery. Some of the things that we take for granted are actually considered luxuries to many exploited workers. Many of the designers in this guide help the workers through raised wages, fairer business terms, providing help towards education, health and other aspects of life for the workers and the wider community. There is a also an interest in improving the conditions that people have to work in including health and safety.

By not using pesticides, bleach and the use of Azo-free dyes improves the health of the workers. Some 20,000 workers die each year due to poisoning.

Environment - 70% of the worlds pesticides are actually used in cotton production. This poisons the environment. Some of the designers focus on the use of organically grown cotton or alternatives such as hemp, others focus on reducing the carbon footprint of their production, manufacture and distribution. Some designers make use of materials that would have added to our waste problems by recycling them.

You - If your not interested in the kudos that comes from helping improve things for the environment and the workers then you can at least be happy in the knowledge that you look damn good.