Ethical fashion

What ethical fashion is not

Hippy/Ecowarriors - this is in no way disrespect to these groups. Actually they've done a splendid job at fulfilling their markets needs. However there are many other people out there that are simply not attracted to these niches and therefore no amount of lecturing about what 'good' they will be doing will convince them to buy. If someone's shopping for a particular style you have to provide for that style, i.e. someone has a need and you offer something that fulfils it, not 'offer something else' and pull the harp strings saying it's the right thing to do as this will only cause resentment.

Lecturing - You wont find any preaching here. This is a guide to fashion, therefore fashion is the focus. Fashion is what sells these designers; it just so happens that they are all produced in an ethically proactive manner. The 'Green' and 'Eco' movement sometimes comes up against people who resent being told what to do. Some people see 'Ecowarriors' as taking on some sort of 'holier than thou' smugness.

What ethical fashion is

nedeo - The Guide to Ethical Fashion aims to increase awareness and accessibility of the fast-growing niche of designers and organisations who acknowledge that people who are fashion savvy are not going to buy something that makes you look like you're wearing a burlap sack just because its kind to the environment or people no matter how much you hark on about it.

A better idea would be to offer an alternative. To offer the discerning fashionista clothing that they've 'gotta have' for the very same reasons as they would any other piece of clothing. This way you don't have to depend on people giving a damn who made their dress (which is a comparatively small percentage of the population).

Reports come up on the news left right and centre showing an ever increasing number of people who are concerned about the production of their clothing and anything else for that matter. However, despite their concern, how many of them actually buy ethically proactive products? How many MORE people would buy ethically proactive products if they knew what was out there, how to buy it and that the products fulfilled their own self-centred desires?

This guide helps do just that.

So instead of harking on with the same old arguments that only seem to push people away more lets break out of that and provide people with something they would actually want to buy, regardless of whether or not its organic or sweatshop-free.