The Fascination of Paris’ Street Art

Paris is well known for many things, delicious food and wine, the Eiffel Tower, fashion, the monuments and Paris’ vast amount of art museums and galleries. Art in Paris though, is not strictly locked up behind walls in the art museums and galleries. Various styles of art are displayed throughout Paris, both inside and out. Urban Art is well loved and appreciated throughout Paris. Street Art is a popular form of art and its artists combine many different styles.

Street Art can vary from artists using chalk to more permanent mediums, and a lot of it is meant just for pleasure for a short time. Seeing a chalk drawing in the road that is very life like, depicting a hole and something at the bottom that is revealed, is not only interesting, but fun to discover. People often go around such images thinking the hole is real until they look more closely. However, there are all kinds of pop art springing up around this historic city, that is here one time and then replaced another. So, you may not see the same art on a wall when out for a stroll next time you walk around that area. Capturing any finds on your phone or with a camera is sometimes the only way to keep a lasting copy of your favourite street artist’s work. Remember that they have put it there free for you to delight in all their hard work. You might easily check out the SNCF train station walls for some interesting Street Art or decide to wander around the streets. Some places to visit to see Street Art might include: The Rue de Cascades or the Rue Laurence Savart in the 20th arrondissement, Le Mur in the 11th arrondissement, the 13th arrondissement, the banks of canals, or around Belleville. Half the fun of Street Art is exploring and discovering it. It can vary in size dramatically, and may challenge your ideas or fall in line with them, depending on what you see. However, it is clear that Street Art is valued and appreciated generally throughout Paris.