Nedeo: ethical fashion

"So, it's not possible to wear fairtrade and look as though you’ve just walked off the catwalk? Think again!"

Welcome to Nedeo - The Guide To Ethical Fashion A showcase of designerwear with a conscience.

What is Nedeo ?

nedeo - 'Your guide to the world of Ethical Fashion' is a showcase of the hottest clothing designers currently available who meet the criteria of proactive ethical standards (e.g. sweatshop free, fairtrade, organic, recycled, sustainable production etc) and being of appeal to the fashion conscious consumer.

Here you can discover like-minded businesses, organisations and people to help you in your quest to become more ethical yet at the same not having so sacrifice on your sense of style. If you have ever struggled to find fairtrade clothes, be it fair trade t shirts, ethical jewelry or even an organic cotton bathrobe that doesn't have you sacrificing your sense of style you will hopefully find this website useful. Click here to browse or search our existing members, their lookbooks and their outlet locations. Or, if you'd like to step straight in and get to know other people who are interested in this area you can sign up here.

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